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William - First Experience in the Dark

My name is William, I am 27 years old, I am Belgian and I don’t have any sight difficulties. It was my first experience of this kind.

ICC Day You Have to Try it Once

ICC Belgium Organised on 27 February an ICC day.

What does this mean? Very simple. You can experience an ICC camp without needing to go to the camp.

The event took place in the Special School for the blind building of K.I. Woluwe in Bruxelles
The day was about to try the ICC concept, some workshops of information and communications technologies which will be develop in the next Summer Camp.

It was a free event and open to everyone: pupils, students, accompanying person and all who wantd to learn something about the information and communications technologies were welcome.

New roles in the Board of Administrators

As I promised you last October, I’m back with some news about the Board of Administrators of VIEWS International.

The main change in our organization is the role of the president. In fact, as you probably remember, last December our former president Jessica Schröder has been discharged by the Board of Administrators because she decided not to reapply for a new mandate.

The board of administrators has designated Michael Thornton from the United Kingdom as the new president of VIEWS International.

Financing opportunities of youth projects

On the 10th of November the European Youth Forum has organised an information day.

About 70 participants from all over Europe have taken part to this activity.

The Executive Agency and the Flemish Belgian National Agency have presented the Erasmus + Programme and its opportunities to support youth projects.

The new changings of the progamme, questions from the public were answered.

Representatives from the Council of Europe have presented the support they offer to projects for and by youth.[Read more about this opportunities]

Dinner in the dark 21 November 2015

It has always success. We made it again.

About 30 people have tented this unforgettable experience.

They were some visually impaired persons who wanted just to enjoy it and some new people for whom it was a nice experience.

We had also two new guides. Selma our volunteer from Turkey and Larisa a blind Romanian Erasmus student.

Nice that other people could enjoy it.

And of course we have already planned the next one. Are you interested check then our Event calendar and Facebook.

The Extraordinary Film Festival

From November 11th till November 15th took place the 3rd edition of the Extraordinary Film Festival in Namur Belgium.

This events gathers film directors, organisations disabled persons. The link between these persons is the disability.

During the Festival documentary and fiction with the theme of disability are presented to people.
Visitors with a visual impairment could benefit of Audio Description.

Our organisation had the opportunity on the 11th and the 14th to be present with some awareness activities.
People could try during brakes to do daily gestures blindfolded.

Volunteering in Belgium

Volunteering in Belgium” was organised on October 20th in Brussels. As the majority of activities done in Views International are supported by volunteers, this was an important topic for us.

Volunteering is a concept that has been the object of a study run by University of Liège and the University of Ghent In Belgium, on almost 10.000 persons. The questionnaire method was used to determine the main information about volunteering in Belgium.

Project Outcomes and results for download

Downloadable Project outcomes and results

In the attached PDF-Brochure you will find the results and outcomes of our Project.

Advanced planning visit to prepare the short term EVS in Congo

Brief Presentation of the project

The aim of this blog is to record, and particularly to share the experience lived along the project « Europe-Africa : people working together for sustainable growth ». This project will take place in Kinshasa, from 15/08/2014 to 15/10/2014. It puts together two groups of 3 blind and sighted youngsters coming from Belgium and French Guiana.


The Grundtvig Assistantships adventure

The Grundtvig Assistantships adventure - a testimony of Vanessa Cascio about her experiences in VIEWS International

From the 2nd of September 2013 until the 13th of July 2014 I’ve been hosted in Views International executive office, thanks to a grundtvig Assistantship project founded by the Lifelong Learning Programme.

As the previous experience I had, this one enriched me a lot too.
In addition to take part into youth project management, I could experience myself in two new adventures:

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