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Dinner in the dark: February 2015

Dinner in the Dark February 2015

The 27th and 28th of February 2015 we organised a Dinner in The Dark at IRHOV school, which is an institution for persons with disability also one of our partners in hosting European volunteers.
This time again we could count on the school to prepare the food. The department of water’s and cook school did a wonderful job. The students under the supervision of mister Lechanteur prepared a wonderful menu that our participants could enjoy.
The first evening 26 participants plus 5 guides made the experience and they were enchanted. The atmosphere was nice and after the desert which was taken in half-light people continued with a nice chat with the guides and a drink. But it was difficult to stop so one of the participating group decided to continue the exchange with some of the guides in the city in a completely different atmosphere. That shows that our aim of making people aware about visual impairment worked and the integration as well.

The second evening 36 participants and 5 guides were present. The menu was the same and the atmosphere too.
Our volunteers did a great job during the two evenings and we are thankful for their help.
We are sure that this experience will be remade as many participants asked for the next one because they would like to show the experience to other friends.
We do not have photos this time because in the dark we cannot take them and during the welcome drink all of us were so busy that we just forgot it. Please accept our apologies and we promise to take care for the next time.