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EuroVIP Conference

The European Volunteer Inclusion Programme (EuroVIP) is a two-year-long strategic partnership with Erasmus+ which works with five partner organisations across Europe. The aim of the project is to strengthen the recognition of skills and competencies acquired by young adults (17 – 30 years old) during volunteer activities and to promote them as valuable for their entrance into the labour market. The final conference of the EuroVIP project took place on April 26th at the European Economic and Social Committee where partners of the project came to present Exchange expertise and share the tools developed during the programme.

Volunteering is excellent for young people for several reasons; it is an opportunity to engage with and contribute to society, but it is also a chance to develop soft skills that can be transferable to the workplace. However, it was found that volunteering work is not always recognised by employers because of the lack of a formal certificate that supports their voluntary experience. The EuroVIP project was born because this problem was identified and so the purpose of the project was to develop a range of tools, both for volunteers and for employers, that would make it easier to transfer skills acquired through volunteering into the workplace.

EuroVIP partners worked to develop and implement tools to combat this issue including:

  • a volunteer portfolio based on self-evaluation of competencies
  • a toolbox for recruiters to raise awareness of the added value of volunteers to a workplace
  • a handbook for best practice.

The volunteer portfolio was used to train and support 240 volunteers in Germany, the UK, Romania and France.

You can find helpful resources about the EuroVIP project on their website:

A representative from the European Commission made a brief mention about European Solidarity Core, the new project that will soon take the place of European Voluntary Service, but no detailed information was given about ESC just that it hopes to be implemented in 2019.

Overall it was a very positive conference; the partners involved were very proud of their work and it seemed to suggest a more positive future for young people wanting to transfer their volunteering experience into paid employment in the future.