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Irid and Jocelyn: the adventure continues

Hello Everybody,

It’s Irid from Views and I am here again to talk about our Volunteering experience here in Liege.

This October started very well. We finally could go out and have our first leisure experiences.
First of all, I had the opportunity to meet the staff of La Baraka association and talk about some initiatives I would like to propose to teenagers in order to sensitize them on visual impairments. You will have more details as soon as the activities will be prepared, so stay tuned!

Jocelyn continues to support Philippe with French courses for adults and teenagers and he has also started writing some articles for the Sainte Marguerite’s neighborhood magazine.

Moreover, we also started having some fun, as I mentioned above: we had the opportunity to visit some local brasseries and enjoy good food. At the same time, we had the opportunity to meet new friends.

We have also visited la Lumière, an association for blind and visually impaired people in Liège, which provides them many services such as white canes and other necessary tools for improving their autonomy. They also have a very interesting library, where a blind person can access to various audiobooks and Braille books. Last but not least, they organize also tandem and group hiking activities.

After this experience, we finally had the opportunity to visit the historic center of Liege with Anca who told us about history of this very interesting town. She also suggested us some nice places to go for enjoying our time in Liège.

Now, as we better know the city of Liege and have new friends, we hope we can have more opportunities to enjoy ourselves, even if the situation is not so easy this year due to the current pandemic situation, but we hope it becomes better for spring at least.

I kindly ask you to continue following our adventures, as I will come next month with other news from us.

Irid and Jocelyn at Cour du Palais de Princes Evêques
Selfie: Anca in the foreground with Jocelyn and Irid in front of the Buren Mountain