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Newsletter Spring 2019

Views News March 2019
Dear members, Readers and Partners,
While spring time approaches, the days get longer and the clocks have moved to summer time Views International has another Newsletter for you.
In this Edition we will give you an update on our projects or the project of our partners in the Views anouncements, report on the 2nd dinner in the dark 2019 and read an other experience reports from one of our European Volunteers.
So now enjoy the sunny weather and have fun reading this Newsletter.

Views announcements

Like the years before, we will be happy to host three youngmotivated young visually impaired (18-30 years old) in our volunteering placements (as explained
below) in Liège.
From this year onwards, volunteering opportunities will be funded by European Solidarity Corps.
Here are the three adapted projects:
- Coordination de Sainte Marguerite & Orchidée Rose (PIC: 942750082)
- Views International (PIC: 948271516)
- Irhov (PIC: 942766572)
Please find more info about these projects at:

These projects address young visually impaired, 18-30 years old who have a basic level of French (A2). The projects will begin in September 2019 and can
last till May 2020 (9 months).
Please remember that in order to become a promoter for this project you need to be accreditated as sending association by your NA, and that you need to
have the PIC. Please check this link:
Pre-registrations will be possible till sunday, April 7th 2019 at 12am CET via e-mail at:
Further procedures will be explained afterwards (European Youth Portal matching).
If you have young people interested in one of these projects, please let us know.

International woman’s day

On 8th of March we took time again to think on gender equality fights and achifments but also on all the submission and discrimination women all over the world still have to endure. The European disability forum (EDF) used the international day of women to publish a Newsletter focusing on the women with disabilities who suffer from difficulties not only because of their Gender but also because of their disability. To access the newsletter with information on the current situation of the woman please
read more

2nd dinner in the dark 2019

On the 1st and 2nd of March Views organized once again their popular “Dinner in the dark” Diverse groups and people got together to share this experience
[read more](

‘’ EVS an experience
On 15th of March Jerome returned from his EVS project in Murcia. Views International sent him there as volunteer.
[read more on his experiences](