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Peer Learning Activity on Inclusive Mobility

On the 21st and 22nd of September 2020, the Flemish Ministry of Education and training hosted the first peer learning activity on Inclusive mobility. At this event, the Inclusive Mobility Alliance (IMA) also took part.

The attendance was formed out of 30 representatives of 14 Ministries of Education from the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and their respective national Erasmus+ agencies. The meeting tackled the barriers and new challenges of mobility, in order to get it as accessible as possible to all types of disadvantaged students. In particular, the discussions have run through different solutions and idea provided by the different countries’ institutions, especially during the first day. More specifically, different countries have shared their best practices on this thematic area; then, some experts from University UK International and European University Association shared their researches on the topic.

During the second day, a session with an EU commission representative was held, concerning the inclusion aspects in the next Erasmus programme (2021-2027) and how the European Commission and the EHA can better cooperate for inclusion.

During the conference several documents have been published, such as a background paper on the current situation of inclusive mobility in higher education in Europe. You can read all the documents and the article about this project by clicking this link.