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Entre formel et non formel : partage d’expériences pour DV en Europe et outre-mer

The project “Entre formel et non formel : partage d’expériences pour DV en Europe et outre-mer » is a study visit. It will take place in Liège (Belgium) during 7 days, in May 2014. It will involve 6 partners from Belgium, Poland, Romania and France (Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana). There will be 15 participants plus 4 accompanying persons, and 6 staff and administrative persons.

The theme of the project is European awareness and disability through the non-formal and formal learning for VIP in Europe. The aim is to discover non-formal tools for VIP in French-speaking region of Belgium, but also to share the experience about social, educational and professional life of VIP in different countries.

The activities will be visits in the institutions linked with the visual impairment, debates on the situation of VIP in Belgium and elsewhere, presentations about how to do a project for VIP, what are the tools to animate the adapted activities for visual impaired persons, about the daily support, what are the adapted materials for the VIP, what are other types of projects which can involve VIP, etc.

The used methods will be presentations, debates, brainstorming, evaluations, work in small groups, exchanges about the non-formal methods and tools used in the countries of participants.

The study visit is organised by VIEWS Belgium in partnership with VIEWS International.
This project (4.3-BEFR-09-13-R3) is financed by the European Commission trough Youth in Action Programme (Bureau International Jeunesse). The maximum amount of the grant is: 22.048,00€.