If you are between 18 and 30 and would like to have an experience abroad, you can consider volunteering with the European Solidarity Corps for up to a year to make a difference with your work, get lifelong memories and meet people from all over Europe!

We host volunteers within three projects:

VIEWS International

Views International is an European NGO having its Executive Office situated in the city of Liège, Belgium. The usual activities of VIEWS International are: the organization of European projects, like youth exchanges, job shadowings or seminars, as well as local activities, carried out together with our Belgian partners.

The volunteer can develop intercultural activities with sighted and visually impaired young Belgians, and help them create inclusive activities in various cultural fields. Additionally, they help organize leisure activities for sighted or visually impaired young people together with our network of local partners, as well as awareness-raising sessions  and set-up activities for international youth projects.

Sainte-Marguerite’s Socio-Cultural Coordination (CSCSM)

Sainte-Marguerite’s Socio-Cultural Coordination (CSCSM) is a local coordination created in 1997.It is a place for exchange, where the 15 local associations define the common projects. EVS volunteering activities take place with the permanent staff of CSCSM and of some of the member associations (e.g. NGO La Baraka).

Depending on their motivation and personality, the volunteer could contribute to:

  • Editing the information bimonthly newspaper « Salut Maurice! » (supervised by the person responsible for the newspaper);
  • (If their linguistic knowledge is sufficient), supporting the courses of French as a Foreign Language for non-Francophone teenagers who have just arrived;
  • Organising common activities for the local associations (e.g. Brocante, St Nicolas, etc);
  • Running workshops and/or discussion groups within the French courses at the La Baraka or in another member association on various topics.

IRHOV 1 (primary school) and IRHOV 2 (secondary school)

IRHOV (Institut Royal pour les handicapés de l’Ouie et de la Vue) is composed by two schools specialised in youth with visual and hearing impairments between the ages of 3 and 21. They carry out experimental projects for youth with sensorial disabilities concerning formal education, but also activities in the field of non-formal education, consisting in sport and cultural activities that are adapted for persons with sensorial impairments.

Some of the activities the volunteers are involved in:

  • Taking part to extra-curricular activities with children, including support to their familiarisation with assistive technology;
  • Connecting people responsible for different extra-curricular activities (sports day, theatre, classes) and the visually-impaired youth;
  • Contributing to activities conducive to the connection and exchange between youth with visual impairments and sighted youth,
  • BRAILLE learning/practice
  • Learning keyboard (computer)