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A sliding presentation of who we are and of our activities
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These few documentaries illustrate various aspects of our projects.


Ca bouge! (It rocks!)

For one day, accompany the Belgian television as it shares the activities of VIEWS employees in Liege, as well as the life of the hosted European volunteers. The objectives, the priorities of VIEWS International haven’t changed since the release of this film in 2007. The testimonies of Béatrice, Lorie and Hanna are still relevant today.

Watch “Ca Bouge”


Image in Paris

From the lush decor of the Blois castle to the humble dwelling of Louis Braille, from the handy work of carving to the body expression on djembe rhythms, young people from Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Romania and England Expressed their passions during a youth exchange in the summer of 2007, Paris. A pleasant mixture of playful and cultural activities is presented.

Watch “Image In Paris”


Un Autre Regard (An Other Look)

In October 2007, Vanessa arrives in Liege, Belgium from Florence. She will share an apartment with Hanna and Aleksandra, from Poland. She’ll work with visually impaired children and their teacher, Mr. Digneffe. She’ll learn French with a specialized teacher, Béatrice.
Still, many more experiences await her during her 4-month European Voluntary service. Want to know more?

Watch “Un Autre Regard”


Citizens Among Citizens

“Unione Italiana di Ciecchi di Firenze”, “Polish association of the Blinds”, and “VIEWS” (Belgium), are the promoters of this film. It relates the experiences of blind, sighted, and visually impaired people as they visit Liège, Brussels, Florence, and Warsaw from 2008 to 2010.
They wander in museums, gardens, specialised toys or books libraries; they watch adapted shows: theatre plays, ballets, films, …

A brochure accompanies the film and offers to discover how it’s possible to have a rich cultural life even with less or no sight.

Watch “Citizens Among Citizens”


Le Rêve de Kasja (Kasja’s Dream)

For the first time, Kasja uses a camera; for the first time, she realizes a photo report. With Richard, the movie director’s help, she follows her Belgian and Polish friends during the 2010 Youth Exchange in Liege, Belgium. She will share with you her emotions, her encounters, and her discoveries of people sometimes with no sight, sometimes with no legs, but always with a fresh look on life.

Watch “Le Rêve de Kasia”


Our Life as European Volunteers

In 2011, Aurélie and Pascal worked respectively in Granada and Murcia: they are the first Belgian visually impaired volunteers doing an EVS in Spain. Within VIEWS International network, to this date, VIEWS Belgium has been the first organization to propose adapted European Services for blind and visually impaired individuals. We follow Aurélie and Pascal within their daily lives, at their work, during their leisure activities.

Watch “Our Life As European Volunteers”

This is us !

Great challenge for this visually impaired team and their coach, Dimitra : during the Summer 2011, in Liège (Belgium), they filmed themselves Thrue a youth exchange “Crossed regards on our Cultures”, mixing Arabic, Russian and European cultures. Palestinian, Maroccan, Greeks, Russian, French and Belgian, 19 participants wanted to take part in this wonderful adventure, filming the different activities, among others in the Music Museum (Brussel), in the boat (Liège or during the multicultural evening they prepared in La Casa Nicaragua.
Watch “This is us”

How to make up properly when you are blind or visually impaired.


These films reflect our work at VIEWS International and were produced with the support of The European Union comission under Youth in Action or Grundvict programmes

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