Borders between countries and regions are slowly opening which gives us the opportunity to enjoy our holidays traveling and discovering new landscapes, cultures and lifestyles. But until we’re finally free to go wherever we want, we have a recommendation for you.

Guillaume is french and totally blind and currently lives in Indonesia with his wife and their little one. Through his french podcast called Les voyages à l’aveuglette, he takes us places interviewing fellow VIPs traveling the world just like him. From the Sahara desert to the Philippines, not forgetting Tokyo, Java and many more, travel with his guests and enjoy his adventures as he shares snippets of his daily life as a blind man living in Indonesia.

Listen to him wherever you get your podcasts, and don’t hesitate to say hi from us in the comment section of his blog, he’s more than happy to share experiences with you ! We hope you like it as much as we do ! Bon voyage ! 🙂

Read and listen to Guillaume’s podcast in French.

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