The group is sitted areound the table at the Polish Association for the BlindOne of the main activities of the ADD@ME project is the joint staff training event which was held in Warsaw between August 31st and September 5th.

In a nutshell, the ADD@ME project aims at empowering young people with a Visual impairment (youngsters with Vi) to become KEY PLAYERS IN PROCESSES concerning THEIR OWN SOCIAL INCLUSION at EU level.

The short-term joint staff training allowed youth workers (from Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania and Poland) to:

• Familiarize and test at international level the Intellectual Output 1-Blended Training Programme (a training handbook with innovative and adapted non-formal learning methods and e-modules with the aim to empower and boost Vi youngsters’ self-confidence to become active citizens and participate actively in the society) for Visually Impaired Youngsters;

• Collect feedbacks from participants to replicate the training in the future so to transfer these skills to more Vi youngsters even after the project end, as well as to be able to train new youth workers on the use of the Blended Training Programme (multiplier effect);

  • Increase skills and knowledge of the involved youth workers through the new and adapted methodologies they will learn and share during the training, that they can apply in their daily work with the youngsters with Vi;
  • Give youth workers dealing with visual impairment a chance to meet, share experiences and best practices at EU level and create a permanent EU network of youth workers dealing with visual impairment;
  • Give youth workers a chance to experience a context which promotes solidarity and Non-Discrimination, in a multicultural and non-formal setting.

The group is standing in front of a screen where the title and logo of the project appearsExcept very full days of learning with our colleagues, we did try some Polish food like the yummy Pierogi and visit the old city center of Warsaw.

If you are interested by this project, do not hesitate to join us in one of the following events. We are looking for participants for the next events in Belgium, so come back to us if you wish to take part and/or want to help in any way.

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