Vicky a red haird young girl is facing us. Her black guide dog is looking toward the river.BY Vicky Ago

My VIEWS International experience started with sudden but genuine curiosity to enroll in their Belgium volunteer programme, and honestly, I did not expect to be accepted. But I
always ask myself, what’s the worst that can happen?
Well, as you all can imagine, nothing terrible happened. Not only did I get accepted, but I left
Greece and arrived in Liège very soon after my contact with VIEWS. People told me that this
was the worst time to try something like that and that I would miss out on so much because of the pandemic, but I didn’t hear them. I desperately needed a change in my life, and this was precisely what I was looking for.
This impromptu decision opened the door to a world of new experiences filled with ups & downs. Faced with learning a new language in a new country, exploring new routes and adapting to a different lifestyle was challenging. Still, thankfully, with the support and embrace of my colleagues, I confidently thrived! Although I’ll have to admit that French was not my success story, I have many other things that made me proud of myself. I was out there, learning, meeting new people, expanding my network, and just nailing it on my own in
a completely different country than my own.

Not every day was good or easy, but I always chose to see the positive in everything, and trust me, this choice of mine ended up more
than rewarding.

This program presented many opportunities to expand my knowledge in European projects, meet new people, and visit new places. Under the leadership of Anca David, I’m happy to say that the information gained has equipped and inspired me to continue volunteering in similar projects. Going there, I wasn’t exactly sure about the tasks I’d have to take on, but once I settled in and I started getting to know what I had to do, I was more than pleased.

Sometimes, there are so many opportunities around you and so many choices you can make, but until you find someone or something to open this little door in front of you, you have no idea where to turn or how to reach your goals. Belgium for me was this little door I
needed. This experience, got me exposed to so many new people and ideas and I will be grateful for that for the rest of my life. I’m naturally drawn to anything new and go headfirst into new experiences, but my volunteering opportunity truly impacted me. It helped me to find a way to combine all of my passions, interests and gave me a way to express my beliefs and values.

Although I ended my trip before its scheduled end, I am satisfied with all I encountered and learned. I would happily encourage others to sign up as more volunteers ensure that VIEWS International can continue positively impacting the world while providing unforgettable

And remember, “Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” What are you waiting for?

You can keep up with me and my life @vicky.ago on Instagram!

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