Participants are standing in front of green strikes and behind are also some white buildings.“VipTechJob: Time2Act!” (VTJ2!) is the continuation of the successful Erasmus+ project “VIP and new technologies: easy access to job market” (VTJ). It is a YOUTH PROJECT, focused on the employability and empowerment of young VIPs as active job seekers. It started in February 2021 and it will conclude in January 2023.

The learning training teaching activity of this project took us to Granada this time and we had an informative and unforgettable week packed with activities that are designed to draw attention to the employability of the visually impaired.

Normally, you go to school and you study. After that you ask yourself what kind of job you want to pursue in the future. When you find the answer, you determine the right studies or training that would help you to develop skills related to the job you would like to have.

When this part is done, you want to put in practice what you’ve learned for a company, NGO, a volunteering project or whichever organization you want to work for. Yes, but how to do it? How to prepare in order to get your dream job and what to say? For instance, are you going to send the same resume to employers or a different resume to each of them?

So many questions, and the VipTech project is there to support you in your preparation to find a job. The project tools include VIP Job Accessibility Toolbox, a one-stop-shop for all belonging to different target groups, which includes tools and resources to support stakeholders who wish to understand concepts like accessibility and inclusion in the workplace. There is also the “VIP Job Podcast”, a podcast comprising 10 episodes in different languages and explores success stories of young VIP’s inclusion in different workplaces in Europe through interviews and storytelling.

So, what was the reason for our presence in Granada? The goal was to discuss with other participants about learning how to take advantage of all these tools for easier job-finding and brainstorm about our individual ways of dealing with job search. We came together also to get informed about the employment of visually impaired people in different countries along with discussion of policies on disability across Europe.

During almost one week, we had the opportunity to participate in different workshops about employment, CV preparation, job interviews, and when to talk about your disability. We also addressed the importance of body language.

Another notable tool of this project is the “VIP Job Video Pack”, a documentary aimed at represent the hurdles of young visually impaired people integrating in the job market as well as their ideal views on a 100% barrier-free work environment while at the same time gathering tools and personal experiences in the use of video-making to tell their stories. We also contributed to this initiative and We were filmed to talk about our experiences as job seekers or already employed visually impaired individuals. In this way, we learned about the experiences of each other such as the tools we use to prepare our CVs and ways of finding a job as well as the difficulties we faced in this crucial step of job searching.

At this learning training teaching activity, all of us benefited from a wealth of information on the integration of the visually impaired in the job market presented by knowledgeable facilitators and we shared the conditions in our respective countries for people with disabilities. We also explored the use of the project tools developed to facilitate the job searching process of the visually impaired. If you are in need of guidance in your job-finding journey, I invite you to visit the VIPTechJob website where you will be guided to learn the best methods for you to find a job.

Share that platform with your friends because sharing is caring. And if you think that you can do something for this project, don’t hesitate to come back to us!

Youssri Mejdoubi, Selma Zengin, Ibrahim Tamditi