Preselection of Belgian participants

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If you live in Belgium and you are interested in participating in the International Low-Vision Song Contest 2023 edition, please find below more details about the participation regulation and the selection process.

To participate :

  • there is no age restriction. However, participants under the age of 18 must provide parental (or legal guardian) consent;
  • the song must be a creation of the participants;
  • at least the author or composer and one of the actors is blind or partially sighted;
  • the song must contain lyrics, in any language and any musical style;
  • the maximum duration of the song is 4 minutes;
  • the musical performance must be submitted as a video or audio file with photos (which means that it will not be live);
  • by taking part in the competition, participants accept all the conditions of the competition. They agree that, if selected, their audio, video and photos will be broadcast and published on the Internet. They must also be available for a short live interview for the final show, scheduled on 12th of May, 2023.

Good to know:

  • One band/musician per country will go to the final;
  • don’t forget to provide the following information: description of yourself and/or the band, presentation of the song. Contact of the person responsible for the pre-selection (name, surname, address, email, phone number and website). This person must ensure that all participants are aware of and accept the terms of the competition.

If you are interested in participating, please send a message to until 28th of February, 2023.

Preparations to this great project are running and we will send you more details as quickly as possible and publish them under this page.