The training in which Jay and Mihai participated took place between 25th and 27th of January and involved, in total, twenty-eight volunteers. The event offered us the context to:

The volunteers are standing in front of a medieval Castle

– Evaluate our project experience till present;

– Explore the challenges and our possible solutions in the project activities and experiences;

– Review our personal goals, intentions and responsibilities for the last part of the project;

– Identify tools to continue the learning process,

– Identify possibilities and opportunities to continue our involvement into solidarity and the life of our community.

We just want to start with the fact that we had a lot of fun in the three days of activities that we had in Namur with the trainers and the volunteers. In the three days we stayed there, Jay and Mihai met with the other volunteers and connected with the others that are staying in Liège. They got involved in the non-formal activities and got the chance to evaluate their volunteering experience up until this point and work on their objectives. Thanks to the activities, they got the chance to experience the others volunteers’ experience and learn from them new places in Belgium that are worth discovering.

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