The partners representatives are posing in front of the camera and smile.

City Tours project – Transnational Meeting

The final Transnational Meeting of the City Tours project was organized by Views International and took place between the 17 – 19 of March in Liège. This event was the last one of its kind as the project is coming to an end. During the event, partners discussed the project’s results until now and the Learning, Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA) that will take place in April.

During the 17th of March, participants representing DBSV – Germany, EGED – Turkey and Views Italia – Italy arrived in Liège and they were greeted by our representatives. Everybody seemed to enjoy their trip and the reunion with their acquaintances from Liège.

The next day the Transnational Meeting officially started. During the event, we discussed the final design of the project results, in which our partners presented the results of the questionnaires answered by people who took part in the project’s activities. In total, 247 people took part in the survey from which 87 people from Germany, 12 from France, 92 from Italy and 56 people from Turkey responded to these questionnaires. The questions were grouped into different categories, from travelling and discovering, to what they experienced. The conclusion was that people who answered the questionnaires wanted to hear audio descriptions of the places they visited, local music, local language and the sounds of nature. For the smell, participants wanted to smell nature, local spices, food, beverages, parts of the cities or different buildings like libraries and churches.

During the event, partners exchanged ideas, experience and advice regarding the organization of the Learning, Teaching, Training Activities (LTTA). We look forward to meeting the teams again in April for the final event of the project, the LTTA.