Last Tuesday, after several weeks of intense negotiations The EU Parliament has announced that they have obtained from the Council Presidency more 16 Billion Euros for most important European programmes for the next multiannual financial framework (2021-2027).

Now the compromise needs to be endorsed by both institutions. In particular, the Parliament obtained €15 Billion for strengthening flagship programmes in order to protect citizens from the COVID-19 pandemic, providing new opportunities to next generations and preserving European values; One more billion Euros for increasing flexibility to address future needs and crises. Thanks to this compromise, the EU Parliament has ensured an additional year of financing the Erasmus + programme and also the increase of research funding.

This aspect is very important, as the EU is experiencing hard times in the last years such as the recent Brexit in 2017 which is supposed to be completed at the end of the current year, or the spreading of nationalist movements across the EU which are seriously challenging EU institutions and especially their functionings.

But it is also important as many young people with fewer opportunities, such as young people with disabilities, can become more vulnerable especially due to the pandemic situation.

If you would like to get more information about all the aspects contained in the new economic budget, please read this article. (