My name is Maryem Essadik, I come from Spain.
I am studying law and in order to finish my studies I have to follow a Training.
I wished to accomplish an Erasmus training but I had no idea where is the best place for me to do it.

One day when I went to City Hall of Murcia, one of the views´s partners, they offered me the opportunity to go to Views international in Belgium.
While searching information about the host organization, I noticed that Views International is the best office where I can do my Training because it acts in the field I wish to specialize.
An other reason I am here is to meet people from different countries with different culture backgrounds and to improve my English and French.
Now I am in Views international for 9 months.
I hope my stay here will be so pleasant with the other volunteers and workers.

I also think my internship at VI will be a useful experience and I believe I will gain a lot of experience professionally and personally.