Last 26th of September, some representatives of VIEWS International network organisations participated in the annual General Assembly, which took place in Berlin and was organized by DBSV, our German member.

We have been hosted in Pegasus Hostel GmbH from 25th to 27th of September, so we also had the opportunity to meet each other and to spend a very pleasant time in Berlin.

During the General Assembly, we presented, discussed, voted and approved the activity reports of 2014 and 2015, the accountancy of 2014 and 2015 and the Provisional budget of 2016.

Unluckily, we had to discharge some administrators because Jessica Schröder and Mike Thornton mandates finish at the end of 2015; Mike decided to continue to be an administrator, so he is still with us, but our actual President Jessica Schröder decided not to reapply for a new mandate.
For this reason, the board of administrators will have to decide for a new president, who will start to be in charge as a president in January 2016. But the changes in our Boa are not over! In fact, Mahfud Chaaban resigned from his role as administrator. Due to these events, we had to vote for two other members of the board of administrators, so we have two new entries: Lucy Hayward from the United Kingdom and Stavroula Kousteni from Greece. We haven’t decided the new roles in the Boa yet, but we will do it in one of our next meetings and of course we will let you know.

The General Assembly was very fruitful, so there are other news waiting for you… We are planning new activities for 2016, so, please, stay tuned by checking constantly our webpage or any other communication media not to lose any activities of VIEWS International network!
We also proposed and discussed a new strategy to improve our network and communication; we will start to carry it out in next months.

I can affirm that these days have been wonderful and therefore we have to thank our President Jessica Schröder and DBSV to have organized our meeting in a faultless way, and the volunteers who helped us during all three days. Last but not least, in the Board Of Administrators’ name, I would like to thank our tireless workers of the executive office – Anca and Lori – for their great job and their support not only during these days, but even during the preparation because there is really a lot of work to do behind the organization of this meeting to be sure everything gets done in the right way.

Anna Rita de Bonis
Delegated Administrator