We are pleased to inform you that 2015 ended with a youth exchange with a group of 17 participants from Martinique and 27 participants from Belgium. “Regardons au delà de nos différences ” , was a partnership between Views International, La Baraka ngo from Belgium and CAPPAH from Martinique (Fr).
The exchange lasted for10 days, from December 26th to January 5th.

The participants were visually impaired and sighted persons.

The subject of the exchange was the discovery and sharing of cultures, the integration of different realities and the strengthening of human contacts already undertaken, for most of them, in another exchange in April in Martinique.

Not only, we visited new place, new city as Liège, Brussels and Maastricht, we learned the traditions and local reality as the Christmas markets, the typical food and drink in particular days. It were also group and role activities to share different ways of thinking and acting and talk about and confront all together about some issues such as the immigration, one of the main consequences of the intercultural differences. In a little group we had to imagine and answer questions from a picture of a person who was leaving his country . But also adapted board games or just some informal time to enjoy together.

It was the first time that I participated a youth exchange and can say that it was an exchange well thought out and organized, but especially successful.

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