Today what was from the Belgian perspective a very successful project has come to an end. Only a week long, but enough memories to last a life time. As the days went by, our body clocks may have gone out of sync but not so our group spirit, which strengthened with each exchange. And as our voices were gradually lost in the rehearsals, we have found the energy to push forward and compensate for what we may have lost in vocal capabilities by sheer enthusiasm.

It’s not surprising the project was such a more-ish experience, as we had all the necessary ingredients for success, from extremely passionate staff to driven participants and on the musical front, from extremely well-arranged scores to a dedicated director. Not even small hiccups such as an unexpected thunder storm and cold water in the showers could hold back the (sound) wave of good vibes.

And of course it all culminated in a harmonious concert full of happy feelings and music, during which we were able to share some of the positive atmosphere that has accompanied the project throughout to the audience.

All in all, if we had to sum up the project with three words, surely they would be one, two, three… Music-key

The Belgian team