On May 22nd, Views International held awareness-raising activities: board adapted games, Braille writing,… for young people from St-Marguerite neighbourhood (Liège).

“Fais ta place” was a local event focusing on an urban environment in a lively neighbourhood. Public spaces today must be multifunctional and evolving!

There are so many needs and demands of citizens, depending on the time of the week, age, professional activity …
Under the sign of a changing urban scenery, the Proximity team of Sainte-Marguerite / Glain / Burenville (City of Liège), in partnership with several neighbourhood associations including Views International, gathered in order to support all discover the place of the Sainte-Marguerite church otherwise, through an afternoon placed under the sign of “Urban Cultures” in all their forms: music / dance, rap / hip-hop, … creativity graffiti/fresco and food of the world.

Let’s thank Adela, Corentin, Jerome, Florentin and Anca for leading those activities.