Hello from Irid and Jocelyn !

We are back with some updates for you.

Due to the current pandemic situation, as everybody here in Belgium, we are not going out so much or meeting many people, but we are spending our time by making several activities from our home. In fact, the current lockdown in Belgium isn’t that constraining: people can effectively go everywhere without any restriction or permission, but all non-essential activities or shops are closed so we can effectively just go out for a walk or for buying some food.

I continue working for Views and in particular I am working on the new Views website which is already working, as you are reading this article and all the current newsletter on it; moreover, Jocelyn and I, we are supporting Philippe, my French teacher, on preparing French language courses for foreign adults. The lessons are held on-line and we have prepared videos, short dialogues and exercises for them.  In fact, as some activities with teenagers have been suspended due to the current situation, I continue this new collaboration with La Baraka association since the end of October, by supporting Philip on preparing materials for French language courses for foreign people.

Since the end of this month Jocelyn started also to support La Baraka staff on helping teenagers on doing their homework after school.

During our free time we try to improve our language skills: I continue studying French and Jocelyn improving his English.

We are certainly having hard times as we cannot meet many people and enjoy the culture of Liege, but we hope this hard period for everyone will end soon, despite winter and pandemics.