First transnational meeting, Granada (Spain)

This month of May, we travelled to Granada to attend to the first transnational meeting of the strategic partnership 2018-2020: VIP and new technologies: easy access to job market.

On this project, we are working with three others associations. Two from Italy (Istituto Rittmeyer and AFORISMA) and one from Spain (Fundación Docete Omnes).

Here is a picture of the team

The goal is to develop a webapp to facilitate the job search for people who are blind or have low vision and an online platform (with info on the preparation of a CV, cover letter, legislation, etc.) to support the integration into the labor market of young people with a visual impairment.

During this first meeting, we worked on the first draft of the project. We have established the list of things to achieve as well as the difficulties in getting there.

We also divided the work, placed deadlines and prepared the next meetings and transnational meetings.

Here is the link to have information on the real-time progress of the project


Second Transnational Meeting, Trieste

From 22nd to 23rd October 2018 the second trans national meeting (TNM) took place in Trieste, Italy. It was part of the project VIP and new technologies: easy access to job market. The representatives of

participated in this event.

One of the topics of the TNM was the contents of the online platform created in the course of this project to help visually impaired people in their job research. It was decided that the improvements on it should be done regarding the feedbacks received during the training course for testing the website in Liege in November 2018.
The participants also talked about the necessary measures to develop the web application, linked to the online platform. The result as a product will be tested by visually impaired people during a training course in Granada Spain in June 2019.

The representatives discussed also the dissemination of the project. All partners concluded that they had a problem getting in contact with the national agencies of employment. The promotion of the project in the social networks was also one of the discussed topics during the trans national meeting. Some decisions were proposed to improve the Facebook page .

Furthermore the program of the training course in Liege was prepared. The representatives chose what would be the cultural and optional activities for the testers of the platform.
In the end of this meeting, the places and dates of each activity which should be realized till the end of the project were also fixed in Trieste. So let’s keep on developing till 2020!

Third Transnational Meeting in Italy

The third transnational meeting in the frame of the project “Vip tech job” took place in Pisa Italy. Between 26th and 27th of March the representatives of VIEWS International, Instituto Rittmeyer and Aforisma from Italy, FDO Spain discussed on the activities, previewed until the end of the project.

The partners started exchanging news for “VIP tech job” in their own countries. The colleagues were informed about the past events and the these which are already programmed in the next months for presenting, developing and disseminating of the project.

After that the partners discussed its prior stages. They talked about the previous phases, evaluated all their aspects. The achieved results were highlighted and the possible improvements were accepted.

The Belgian, Italian and Spanish representatives discussed also for the second training course in the frame of the project. They decided that it will take place in Granada Spain from 2nd to 8th of September 2019. The main topics of the conversations were the program of the TC and the profile of the possible visually impaired participants. During one week the selected people will test a web application which aims to support the blind and partially sighted citizens in their job searching. The application is connected with the platform, tested during the first training course in Liege, Belgium in November 2018.

The partners talked about the dissemination and public relations of the project, its following events and activities. Some decisions were taken concerning the final public event at the end of November 2019 which will happen in the Belgian capital Brussels.

Fourth Transnational Meeting, Liège (Belgium)

As part of the ‘”VIP and new technologies: easy access to job market’” project, on 6 and 7 December a Transnational Meeting (TNM) took place in Belgium in Liege. It was the last meeting of this kind related to this project. Going back to the people who have been working on the VIP-Tech-job project for the last two years; there are four organizations: one from Belgium VIEWS Intl, two from Italy Istittuto Rittmeyer (IR) and Aforisma and one from Spain Fundacion Docete Omnes (FDO).

This meeting was a continuation of the event of December 5, which took place ME in Brussels, it also concerned the VIP-Tech-job project. Due to the fact that it was the last meeting of the project, the main topics touched the goals and results that were achieved after two years. So it was a kind of summary, exchange of thoughts about the future of all people involved in this project.

This meeting took place in the Espace Belvaux hostel, in a cozy room where everyone had comfortable conditions. On the first day (December 6), our meeting began at 10:00, it was a general session about the project. It was then that the topics of the project were raised, what was its main purpose and who it was addressed to. It was also a time for debate, everyonewas involved, so you could hear many useful comments on what is worth changing and of course what has already worked well.

After about 2 hours it was time for a lunch break, after which part of the group, except for the representatives of the organization, went to the chocolate factory to get to know what Belgium is famous for. Other members started a second meeting on mainly administrative matters and further management of the project or the issue of its promotion. Then came the free time, where you could go to the main square in Liege to visit the Christmas market, which looks really impressive and gives the city an extraordinary charm during the winter.

After all this evening, we all met in one of the restaurants to eat a common meal and spend a nice time together. Dinner was very good but after it you had to go to sleep to be ready for the next day. On the second and last day of the project (December 7), an evaluation meeting was held at which the events of the last two days were summarized. Everyone who was happy with their stay in Belgium from the feed-back we got. This response was really satisfying for us. After the meeting, participants began to go to the airports to return home.

It was a great pleasure to meet all the participants for us and we hope that they are happy with their stay in Belgium. The project that was the subject of the meeting is coming to end end but we believe that in the future we will work together again.

Here you can find project products:
Web App
Training platfrom