International Blind Students Group

Meet through mailing list, mail and skype.
As a result of the conference in Berlin, a group of young people came together to discuss the university experiences of visually impaired students. The outcome of the discussion was to create a mailing list, in which sight impaired students could share their experiences of the universities in their country. The group’s aim is to help people wanting to study at a university in their own country, or to assist those who wish to study abroad. Since its creation in June 2013, the ‘Blindstudents’ group has discussed a range of topics by email, including accessible courses and software, the Erasmus programme, and the creation of an international database in which members of each country will upload information about their universities. To subscribe to the mailing list and find out more about our work, send an email to:
Megan Paul, England

Communication Group

Formerly met via skype, now email
This group is responsible for the creation and publication of VIEWS International promotional material, and to facilitate both the internal and external communication across the network. Since the creation of this group, The Communication group have achieved: creation of the mailing list, you can subscribe to the list by sending an e-mail to with ‘subscribe’ to leave you own mail to all creation of the brochure of presentation of VI, survey about the needs in communication of VI members, FB group + updates to gather on a regular basis, information about activities of VI members for the newsletter.

To subscribe
To add an article
Vaggelis Avgoulas, Greece

Traveling Blind Group

Meet through skype, have a blog style website, mailing list and group email
(an initiative that embraces the concept of VIEWs’ former ‘Blind Quest’ and carries it forward). The end goal for the group is to create a database for those interested in travelling where they can gain important information about accessible tourism. The first step was to create a website blog administrated from each country which will feature articles about accessible tourism. All information not given to you by standard tourist information sites; accessible museums, cultural sites, contact information for accessible transportation for hotels, restaurants and much more. So everyone who sees the world in their own special way can share with all the experiences, thoughts, concerns and is given the opportunity to offer their knowledge with the aim and objective of upgrading tourist destinations. We look forward to a better tomorrow where accessible tourism is a key element for destinations and give the opportunity for everyone to travel safely. If you want to be a member of our traveling mailing list to discuss with us or share with us your experiences and suggestions just send an e-mail to and write at the subject: subscribe. Anna-Maria Foskolou, Greece

Management and Organisation Group

Group meet through group emails
Together with the Views International Executive Office this group is responsible for the management of VIEWS International. It also provides training opportunities and job shadowing experiences for its members. At present project include; working on the incentives for Views International Full Membership, the promotion of ‘Adapted EVS’ as a concept and collaboration with the EBU “The collaboration focuses upon creating “bridges” between European organisations designed for and of people with visual impairments. The main purpose is to link the VIEWS INTERNATIONAL as an organisation on the field of carrying out youth events and fostering active participation and the European Blind Union working on the political level and in the area of interconnection with national organisations for blind and partially sighted people”. Vanessa Cascio, Italy

Body Language Project, Working Party

Meet via skype and group mail
The idea is to create an ‘International Body Language Course’ however this needs to be piloted with people in their own countries. The experts will who have led the course in their own respective countries, will then come together to host an event for young people with a visual impairment across Europe. Adrian Kosanke, Germany

Group Membership

To become a member of any of the groups you are required to have Full or Subscribing Membership of VIEWS International. If you a member and would like to work with any of these groups please contact Vicky Smith, England

Dissolved Groups

Website Management Group
This group was responsible for the creation and ongoing management of the VIEWS International website. Since its intercultural creation in Spain the VIEWS International Executive office in Belgium now have expertise to develop and maintain the site. Recommendations are always welcome and site maintenance can be contacted through the Views site.

Dinner in the Dark Project Working Group

This group saw an opportunity to work with successful employers of blind people across Europe. The project set out to provide more employment opportunities for visually impaired people within the network in various countries. We had compiled a list of Dining in the Dark companies around Europe. Worked towards the infrastructure of a project and how to fund it, we really required more expertise in business and time to dedicate to the project. This may be reinstated dependent upon these elements

Accessibility Group

This group adapted the documents, or proposed strategies, so that the forms published by the European agencies, such as the application forms for programs like the Erasmus Plus program could be made accessible by screen reader users. Indeed, VIEWS finds it very important that the young visually impaired people can apply independently for founding provided by the agencies. The Executive Office continues to strive to support such projects and apply for specific seminars in this area.