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Database for accessible universities in Spain

Here we are presenting you information for the accessible universities in Spain.

No barriers to work together in VI

During my 6-months youth work mobility project, I acquired new skills that I consider useful for the labour market and for my personal development too: I improved, for instance, English and French skills, European project management and design, communicational skills, time management skills, intercultural comprehension and team spirit.

I worked in a multicultural environment and I could experience the European dimension of the youth work.

Empowerment of vision impaired youths in expressing themselves by using multimedia

Empowerment of vision impaired youths in expressing themselves by using multimedia
approaches and being self/help group leaders

VIEWS International is glad to announce that for the 3rd time consecutive (after
Florentin Radulescu from Romania and Vanessa Cascio from Italy) we will host a
youth worker in the Executive Office in the framework of the action 4.3c of the
Youth in Action Programme.

During 6 months (10/02-10/08/2014) we will to host Ms. Jessica Schroeder, a blind
youth worker from Germany. She'll work in Views International (VI) offices situated

Our Turkish gests talking about their impression of the job-shadowing in Liege

As a new member of VIEWS International, we came to Liege to meet the teams of VIEWS Belgium and VIEWS International and observe their activities. When we came to Liege, it was great to see that the historical parts in this town are still preserved until today. After visiting the center of Liège, we had the chance to understand it in detail and had a better imagination of its structure, its history and how it looks like. Anca has given us a thorough description of the historical aspects of Liège.

Turques à Liège 7:27.jpg

Study Visit in Beijing (the impression of one of the participants Laurence Michel)

Participants : Anca, Bart, Benoît, Carmen, Cédric, Laurence, Loula, Svetlana
From 5th to 16th April 2013

Within the context of the third phase of a collaboration project between Belgium (VIEWS International) and China (a specialised school for visually impaired people (VIP)), our group of 8 young people (totally/partially sighted or blind) went to China, in Beijing, during ten days. It is question of a study visit that we realised in order to prepare the youth exchange which will take place in July 2013.

Saturday, 6th of April:

My nine months in Belgium

In Belgium, I had my most interesting time during nine months, thanks to the European Union and the Youth in Action Programme. My European Voluntary Service was an extraordinary experience, particularly instructive and rewarding, giving me the freedom of being European and of understanding the world around me.

My impression

Hello ! My name is Ana Cristina. I’m Spanish and I just have finished my EVS in Liège.

Concerning the experience I lived during my 9 months of voluntary service, it was generally very good and positive, because it allowed me to live a lot of new things and to advance more as a person.

During my EVS, I worked in an association named “Santé Nord Sud” (Health in North and South). In that organization, there are so much activities of which the objective is the creation of a multicultural and tolerant society. In fact, some activities are the following ones:

  • Health Action;

Europe - Africa: young people working together for sustainable growth

Adapted EVS in Democratic Republic of the Congo

This adapted EVS project was a group project, which started the 15th of August in 2014 and ended after two months.
Two groups of three young volunteers from Belgium and from the French part of Guiana were sent to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo to help implementing a project in Mikonga (which is in the east of Kinshasa) together with other young people.
Three of this six volunteers were faced with geographical and economic difficulties, for of them were visually impaired.

Entre formel et non formel : partage d’expériences pour DV en Europe et outre-mer


The project “Entre formel et non formel : partage d’expériences pour DV en Europe et outre-mer » is a study visit. It will take place in Liège (Belgium) during 7 days, between 20-27 April 2014. It will involve 6 partners from Belgium, Poland, Romania and France (Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guiana). There will be 15 participants plus 4 accompaning persons, and 6 staff and administrative persons.

Welcome in VIEWS International!

Welcome in Views International

From 9th until 16th of September 2013 the Views International general assembly took place, via electronic means.
At the agenda the votes of new full members and new Views International administrators candidatures.
We would love to welcome Leasure and Sport Activities for the Blind from Hungary and EGED, turkish association for visually impaired in education,
among our full members!
New administrators have also been voted.
We welcome on the board Mahfud Chaaban from Views Spain and Nikola Bakalov from SCI-Vitosha (BG).

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