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EVEIL project - for supporting children in an easy and exciting access to language and books

Eveil Project - for supporting children in an easy and exciting access to language and books

Wake up

EVEIL is an international project funded by the EU-programme COMENIUS. EVEIL is french and meens wake up.
In this project the partners of France, Ireland, Slovakia, Czek Republic and Germany worked on how you can addapt childrens books for a good development of blind and partially sighted children. There were helt workshops for children and parents and produced several tactile books, wich are not only very interesting for blind children, but also for sighted.

The City Council of Murcia is looking for a visual impaired volunteer for a 9 months EVS project

The City Council of Murcia is looking for a visual impaired volunteer for a 9 months EVS project.
We are in the impossibility of replacing the volunteer we had selected at the beginning, so if there is someone interested in this project (see description below), please contact urgently Carmen/Valentina at: or

Programme of traineeships for people with disabilities in the Secretariat of the European Parliament

The European Parliament promotes equality of opportunity and encourages applications from women and men with disabilities for its traineeship programmes. In 2006 the European Parliament launched a specific traineeship programme for people with disabilities. This programme is a positive action measure, as described in Article 4 of the Code of Good Practice for the Employment of People with Disabilities.


Training course refused and new moment for views international general assembly

Dear Views full members and subscribing members,

I'm sorry to inform you That the training course where visually impaired youth workers could learn how to fill in the new eu pdf forms for the yia programme, proposed by Pontes association wasn't approved by the romanian national agency.
For this reason, it won't be possible for Pontes to organise a Views International general assembly after the training.

The Views International board of administrators and the executive office have to find a new moment.
You will be informed as soon as we have a new proposal for our annual meeting.

Baseball for the blind in Italy

Italy’s Take on Baseball for the Blind Fosters "Sense of Freedom"

Marco Gualazzini for The International Herald Tribune

In the game, a team consists of two sighted members, who serve as base coaches to five blind or visually impaired ones. To orient players, clap paddles and a beeping first base are used.

The full article can be viewed at:

If you are interested to know more, want to see the game or need more info to start a team in your

Mailinglist of VIEWS International

Mailinglist of VIEWS International

After many requests of VI’ members, having the approval of the Bord of Directors and understanding the need for more immediate communication between the members of VI, VIEWS International has now its own mailing list, which is provided free to the members and partners of VIEWS in order to improve our partnership through the easy way of the imidiate cyber communication by e-mail.
Users can subscribe to the list by sending an e-mail to
( with 'subscribe' in the Subject field OR by visiting the list page at

TalkYoo, a free teleconferencing service

Views International now has partners in 21 countries, an international Board of Directors and various working groups that work together to improve certain aspects of our tasks.
These facts imply that members often need to talk with people in countries abroad. Of course, Skype is an easy and cheap way to do so. However, when a good Internet connection is not at hand, a Skype conference can turn into a painful and frustrating experience.

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