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Adapted Camps and Youth meetings

Different visuals in different countries

Different visuals in different countries (“FarklI ÜLKELER FARKLI KÖRKLÜKLER”)


Views International offers you a new youth exchange project. This time it's Turkey (Samsun), which will welcome you from February 24 to March 2, 2020.
"Different visuals in different countries" aims to give young visually impaired and sighted people from Belgium, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Ukraine, Italy and Turkey the opportunity to meet around cultural activities. In all, the group will be formed by 30 people (5 people / group).

Overview of Adela's EVS

My name is Adela, I am 28 years old and I am blind and I come Romania.

Last October, I started a European Voluntary Service, funded by Erasmus+ program.

In the frame of this project, I had the opportunity to work in special education with visually impaired children from 5 to 18 at the IRHOV (Royal Institute for Earing and Visually impaired).

EVS - an experience abrought: Sophia talks about her work with Views

My name is Sophia. I am a 22-year old German volunteer for Views international. From the three possible internships with the Belgian branch of the association, I chose to work in the office of Views because neither my knowledge in French nor my comprehension of children qualified me for the other two options. This article shall now report a bit on my European Voluntary Service (EVS).

Although you probably know the projects of Views International, I’ll shortly reexplain what my tasks with Views are about.

Portrait of the month November 2018

Q: Hello Stavroula. Thank you for having this interview with me!
My first question concerns your strength of sight: are you fully blind

A: no I have still some sense of light but I had visual problems scince birth

Q: But you visited a normal school or did you go to a special Greek institution for visually impaired?

A: No, I did not. I went to a normal kinder garden and later started in a normal school. After graduating there I made my Specialization at public law at the University of Athens. Currently I am a doctoral candidate and working as a lawyer the same time.

Music-key project


Today what was from the Belgian perspective a very successful project has come to an end. Only a week long, but enough memories to last a life time. As the days went by, our body clocks may have gone out of sync but not so our group spirit, which strengthened with each exchange. And as our voices were gradually lost in the rehearsals, we have found the energy to push forward and compensate for what we may have lost in vocal capabilities by sheer enthusiasm.

Three months in Pisa

by Nina Odenius

My name is Nina Odenius. I’m 26 years old and I’m blind from birth. I’m from Germany and I’m doing a MA in Romance Studies, with French and Italian.

Music Week By DBSV

Dear VIEWS members,

This summer we had a quite amazing music event in Hannover/Germany.
You find the music we played here:

We invite you now to a music week next year:

DBSV-Musikclub - Music Week
30.7.-7.8.2016 in Augsburg/Germany

Classic, pop, rap: This you get in the DBSV-Music club. You will practice polyphonic vocal and instrumental peaces. We do with you that music that you like and that you can sing or play.
We will also have an excursion to learn more about Augsburg and in the end there will be a public concert.

Invitation to the International Leo Youth Camp 2012

Invitation to the International Leo Youth Camp 2012

For more than 20 years Leo volunteers from Schleswig-Holstein, Northern
Germany, have been organizing the so called „International Leo Youth Camp“, an event which brings people from all over Europe together and has only gotten the best reviews from our participants.

European Surfweek in Belgium/Willebroek

European Surfweek in Belgium/Willebroek

"Recreas" is a Belgian sportsorganisation for people with a disability.

Every year (this year from 26th of august until 1st of september) we organize the European surfweek for people with a motorical and/or sensorial handicap. The event takes place in BLOSO-sportscentre “Hazewinkel” in Willebroek, Belgium.

The meaning of the week is to teach the contestants a little surfing.
We will surf for 5 hours a day (from Monday to

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