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All about Inclusive Mobilities

Did you ever thought to go abroad for a shorter or longer period? Within your study or just for your pleasure? If you already did you may ask your self how are you going to manage it. What will you do, and so on.

There are two main EU Programmes that allow you go abroad:

  • The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) as a volunteer
  • The Erasmus+ Programme for studies or traineeship.

For the Erasmus+ Programme one point has been developped where you can find all about studying abroad. The platform provides you with information about Higher Education Institutions that are welcoming students, about the steps one need to take, the available support provided by the programme for students with disabilities and testimonials from students who participated in an Erasmus.

This platfrom was developped by the EPFIME Project Coordinated by Center for Higher Education Support (SIHO).