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Awareness activity

Awareness activity in Liège Belgium

On the 12th of April a quite cold but sunny day we took part at the second hand market organised by the youth of Glain neighbourhood of Liège. Adrian and Max our two EVS and Emi an ex EVS with myself have made the team.
The two young men has prepared everything in advance as with Emi we arrived a little bit later. We were settled nearby the drinks and food which was just perfect for us.
On the programme we had adapted games like Unos, Otello, and four on a row and so on.
There was also braille.
And of course the information folder and other project information were not missing.
They were many children, who came to try out our games, to get acquainted with braille and ask questions. Adults were also with us asking how much do we sale our games and when they got it that they are not for sale they wanted to know what we do.
From my point of view it was a successful day. The young Lara, a young girl from the neighbourhood was the whole time with us and she became the best activity leader at the end. Lara brought all her friends to show them how braille works and to play with them.
These kind of awareness sessions are always appreciated and we think the best way to promote what means to be blind or visually impaired and to let people know what we do.