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Beyond the reality, our National's Agency Online Conference

From April 20 to April 22 the French Belgian National Agency, Le bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ), dealing with the funds of the EU programmes for youth, organised a virtual conference.

During the conference several activities took place in different settings. The activities aimed to introducing the new Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programmes and other programmes for young people the BIJ is running and to give the floor to beneficiaries of their programme.

the virtual space with table and chairs where two avatares are present

We had the honour to be one of the partners and our organisations had each day several interventions.
Anca David our Executive Director had five intervention during the three days on Strategic Partnerships, Youth Mobilities and Volunteering.
Jocelyn our European Volunteer within the European Solidarity Corps programme had an intervention on volunteering where he shared his experience.

Finally Loredana Dicsi, secretary of our organisation had three intervention about European Projects, where she shared our organisation experience about our various type of european projects; from youth exchanges to volunteering, jobshedowings and strategic partnerships.

Loredana's travel in the virtual Space

I had three interventions that were about our European Projects that are funded by EU Youth programmes all dealt with by the National Agency. My interventions were successful and I had interesting exchanges with the audience. Anca had three intervention and Jocelyn one about volunteering projects.

You may say How boring! Or nothing new, nowadays there are so many of such conferences... Indeed, but this one was Virtual and I underline the word. Our hosts used a special programme that we had to install on our computer. Then I had to make an account with a password. When I managed to do this after some struggles, because no surprise the contrast was not fantastic, I had to choose if I am a women or a man. So far so good of course I choose that I was a women and then I was asked to choose the color of my hair, eyes, clothing etc. That was becoming nice and interesting, but my exploration stopped there. Why as soon as I installed the programme my JAWS stopped talking. So I could not enter in the beautiful agora, to go in all the fantastic facilities offered by the Virtual Conference Center, because one or to days after I have installed the programme a training was organised and fould all these nice facilities.

Sure I brought up the accessibility issues, and I found out that the soft is made on a virtual reality game. So no way to solve the accessibility by the moment I was suppose to speak. I was proposing an alternative that was not the best and finally our hoste had the brilliant idea to use a soft to take over my computer remotly. Sincerely, not at all compliant with VIEWS phylosophy, but it was the solution. Yet I filled when I joined my first intervention like at BIJ. Why because I was so kindly and efficiently helped like when I participated in real life and one of the staff would have assisted me.

It was a really nice experience and during my second and third intervention when I was brought to my room I didn't need my assistant to stend by my side. And thus again like often when I am helped I got to know a very nice person with whom we talked about other things but the conference.

Thank you S├ębastian, we were a fantastic tandem I think and Charlotte and Laurence for the brilliant solution! The above mentioned persons are all from the National Agency.

My wish that one day, we can use such programmes and that I can fix the length of my hair. Anca made me the remark; "Your hair is short how come?" I didn't cut it, but I didn't find how to fix the length of my Avatar...

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