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Costi's E V S

My name is Costica Marchidan, I come from Romania and my project started on the first of October 2009 et will finish on Febraury 15 2010.

I work at the school called IRHOV. It is a specialised school for blind and partially sighted children and also for children with hearing impairments.

I work from eight tirty till twelve with the children at primary school. Once per week I stay also in the afternoon to work with the pupils from the secondary school.

The major activities that I do, are braille reading, informatics supported by synthetic speech and playing chess for those who are interested. With some pupils I consider starting with origami as well. Origami is the art of folding paper without cutting it, to create new shapes. For blind people it is very important to develop their imagination. The chess game and the origami can help them.

In my spare time I take care of the housekeeping at the house where I live, I also cook together with a person who assists me. Another monitor teaches me mobility skills. He helps me to discover the area and learns me all the routes I need to know. First of all I learnt the route to the school, then to the shops and to other organisations for the blind. I go to a chess club and every week I go swimming in a nearby college.

What I like about Belgium is the fact that there are many parties and that people like to do sports. I like sports but also cultural events. I went to adapted theatre: during the play all visual elements were described through head phones that we received beforehand. It was a wonderful experience that I never had before.

I recommend future volunteers to take good care about their money and their time because it is not easy to manage all that, especially when you are completely blind, like me.