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Events in Belgium

The Multiplier Event took place on 5 December in Brussels. It concerned our key project „VIP and new technologies: easy access to job market", which aims to support people with visual impairments in the labour market. Therefore, products related to the project allow to improve the soft skills of users and their links with employers in a more direct way so that job search is easier.

The event took place at the European Parliament, thanks to MEP Dragos Pislaru, who supported our project, for which we are very grateful. The opportunity to present the results of work on the project in a place such as the European Parliament has certainly allowed us to reach a greater number of people. This is a very important aspect because we want to involve as many VIPs as possible.

What did we hear at that meeting? This was the last ME related to the Vip-tech-job project, so we received a lot of information about it. The whole meeting was started by MEP Dragos Pislaru, who initially presented the problem of VIP on the labor market. Then Anca David (from VIEWS) gave a general overview of the project, with a focus on the main aims which are: increasing VIP skills and helping them to enter the labour market. Then Frasco Hurtado, from FDO, presented how the website looks like, how it works and what tools it has to help VIPs find a job. We could also hear the opinion of young user, who tested the platform and Web App during the project.

We also had the opportunity to hear some testimonials from persons who were struggling to find a job as visually impaired people. This made it possible to understand much better why this project is needed, because people with visual impairments, despite their willingness to work, face major challenges. Rok Vukcevic (from Aforisma) and Elena Weber (from Istittuto Ritmeyer) shared their thoughts about the project. We also heard an extensive statement from EPSO representatives in which they declared their willingness to cooperate and described their experiences related with problems of VIP on the European job market. Then there was the general debate, which brought many useful conclusions.

After about two hours the event was over. It was not the end of the activity for the participants, however, because the guests had time to visit Brussels, buy souvenirs and visit the places for which the capital of Belgium is famous. After all, it was time to return to Liege and everyone gathered at the railway station to come back together. The day ended with a nice meal in one of the restaurants in the centre of Liege.

After eating we had to go to hotels to be prepared for the next day's Transnational Meeting (TNM) which started next morning, where we could discuss the effects of two years cooperation among the members of the project.

Here you can find project products:
-Web App
-Training platfrom