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Feel the View - collaboration with VIEWS Italy and Ford

So many of us who have a visual impairment must rely on descriptions from others and our own imaginations when we want to know about the world around us, but could this be changing?

VIEWS Italy have been working with global car manufacturer Ford to develop a new technology that enables blind people to read a landscape through their fingertips.

“Feel the View” is a device that fits on a car window and which uses haptic technology to translate an image of the landscape into a tactile format.

You can watch this video to see “Feel the View” in action. The video features Anna-rita, one of our ex-EVS volunteers and who has been representing VIEWS Italy as delegate administrator throughout the project with Ford.

It’s such an exciting time in terms of technological advances as new tech is being developed all the time and there seems to be an increasing focus on designing devices that directly have accessibility in mind. Who knows what these new advances might result in next?!