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key to inclusion: European solidarity corps

Key to inclusion: European Solidarity Corps

“Key to inclusion: European solidarity corps” was a partnership-building activity organized by the Slovenian National Agency in collaboration with other Erasmus + National Agencies from Europe. The event took place between the second and the seventh of December 2018 including, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It gathered 80 participants (e.g. youth workers, etc.) coming from UK, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia, Romania and Croatia.

The aim of the activity was to encourage and support inclusive projects in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programmed and support the creation of a European network of organizations interested in inclusive ESC projects. The activity opened space for getting to know each other’s work and interests explore potential ideas for common projects and build good quality partnerships.
The activity brought together different stakeholders, from newcomers in the program, to those who are already active in mobility projects, but would like to work more on inclusion. In the 4 working days we networked focusing on success factors of good/bad inclusive projects and thus starting of planning projects together.

Views International was represented by Anca. She has shared a lot about our experience with adapted volunteering projects for visually impaired young persons and tested the idea of implementing this model in various associations in the UK and Ireland. In order to prepare the future hosting associations, a study visit will be organised next year in Liège Belgium where future partners will meet and explore the on-going adapted volunteering projects and reflect on implementing similar projects within their institutions.
We are happy to have had this opportunity and we are grateful to French Belgian National Agency for this opportunity.