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My EVS in Belgium, by Hajnalka Holou

My name is Hajnalka Holou. I am from Romania, where I work as teacher in a school for the blind.

I participated in an EVS project since the first of October 2008 until 15th February 2009. I worked as volunteer in Liege, Belgium. My hosting organisation is called IRHOV, which is a school for visual impaired and deaf. There I realised several activities with pupils belonging to the primary school, activities as: learning to type on computer, English sessions, singing, playing with adapted games, giving information about Romania, etc. In the secondary school, I gave the pupils basic information about how to use Jaws, a screenreader and vocal synthesizer for blinds.

I really felt as being useful during my EVS. For me it didn't take a long time for accommodation. Maybe it's because the people I met and with whom I worked, were really very nice and open-minded.

I have to admit that I expected to see more new and different methods of teaching and materials as in Romania. I regret that I didn't make so many new contacts as I thought, but I had the opportunity to visit a lot of interesting places, like the folkloric museum in Bruges, the organisation called ONA which is an organization for the blind, the music and the chocolate museum in Brussels. I also spent a very nice week-end in a trip on boats with the organization Blind Challenge.

I consider that I learned many useful things during my project. I improved my French knowledge, also my orientation and mobility skills became better, and I can say that I became more independent regarding the daily living skills.

As a final conclusion, I can confirm that it was a nice experience to be European volunteer and I advice young people to not hesitate if they have this kind of opportunity.