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New roles in the Board of Administrators

As I promised you last October, I’m back with some news about the Board of Administrators of VIEWS International.

The main change in our organization is the role of the president. In fact, as you probably remember, last December our former president Jessica Schröder has been discharged by the Board of Administrators because she decided not to reapply for a new mandate.

The board of administrators has designated Michael Thornton from the United Kingdom as the new president of VIEWS International.

Even the new secretary, Lucy Hayward, is from the UK! The role of the treasurer has been assigned to Boglárka Kollárszky from Hungary; Stavroula Kousteni from Greece and Séverine Renard from Belgium have the role of administrators.

There were lots of changes, but we had some confirmations too!

The Vice-President is still Nikola Bakalov from Bulgaria (even though he lives in England) and the Delegated Administrator is still Anna Rita de Bonis from Italy.

That’s it for now concerning the new Board of Administrators, but the whole team of VIEWS International would like to thank Jessica for her wonderful work as a president, and wish Mike a great mandate. We all hope that VIEWS International can grow more and more.

Anna Rita de Bonis