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Polish Adventures in the Snow

I’m Vladimir from Belgium. I’m totally blind. This is not my first youth exchange, but it is certainly the most adventurous I have ever done. Daphnée a friend, accompanied me during this exchange. Our trip went well and we arrived in Poland. I’m going to tell you how it was and how did I enjoyed this fantastic experience.

We arrived at the hotel where I got acquainted with all the other participants coming from different horizons. To do it we plaied different games: we had to introduce ourselves, then another one was to lay down on the flor, place our heads on the belly of our neighbour and laugh. I can confirm that all of us did it. Try it and you’ll see it works.

We passed to more serious things. Igor, our sky monitor, explained us how tu put on the ski shoes. It is not at all easy. But we succeeded and we skied four two days, with some break of course. And we did it quite well.
We had also the opportunity, during our stay, to visit Zakopan, a mountain resort, where people come to try all kind of winter sports. A really nice place indeed.

The next days we practiced other sports adapted for people with a visual impairment. This how for example we did skating. I really enjoyed this activity.

During the project one of the main activities were the country presentation.
With our Group we presented the famous Belgian products and we organised a quiz. On our music all participants were dancing.
The second day of the exchange the Romanian group made us taste some tipical projects and taught us some of their traditional dances.

The Italians let us discover their delicious food and we enjoyed joining them singing the well-known Italian songs.
The Spanish followed the example while the polish enchanted us with some Polish dances.
Each country has sung their national anthem and we tried to join each time.

I really wish that such initiative become more frequent to allow us get to know our differences which are not so important but bring us closer to each other.