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Presentation of the EVS volunteers part 2: Adrian

Salut! I am Adrián García, I am 27 years old and I am from Spain. Actually, and until June (9 months), I am living in Liège (Belgium) as part of my European Voluntary Service.

Until February, I was working with the organisation Santé Nord-Sud Asbl, helping them with their humanitarian projects with Congo and creating new projects. Unfortunately, Santé Nord-Sud had to close and, since February I am working at VIEWS International creating and helping in new projects, managing the webpage and helping with the administrative work.

At Spain I was searching EVS offers for a long time and, when I watched the offers of VIEWS International and Santé Nord-Sud, I was immediately interested in those two projects. Fortunately, they answered to my demand and now I am here, very motivated with my work, applying all that I studied about the social work, improving it and learning new very useful things.

Today I’m happy living this experience, and I know that all that I am learning here as in the office as in the daily life in Belgium will be great for my personal and professional future.

If you want to ask me something more about me or the EVS, don’t worry and contact me! Until then, have nice days and see you!

Adrian Garcia Orts