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An unforgettable Youth Exchange

An unforgettable youth exchange - « Le 1000 facce dell'Europa (the 1000 facets of Europe) » - from 1st to 10th May 2014

We went to the north of Italy, in Torino, for an exchange between young people from Italy, Belgium and France (which was represented by Guiana and Martinique).
The objective of this exchange was to discover art and to be able to do some artistic activities in spite of the different handicaps of people.

The final point was to make a flashmob in the town center of Torino, in the aim of attracting a lot of people and show that people with disabilities are able to play music, to dance, to sing and to have fun all together. To do this flashmob, we had to learn to play different kinds of music instruments, to dance, to do body percussion (music with your hands on your body) and to sing a song. The song was an adaptation of the "bon appétit" song, sung by Belgian group at each meal in the aim of wishing everybody to enjoy it. It's a short but funny song we adapted to talk about our trip in Torino.

We also visited the town center of Torino with a game : we had to find different places and objects to discover the town, its story, its most beautiful places, and so on.
We also went to a very beautiful museum of which the visit got adapted for blind people, thanks to the possibility to touch different things and an audio explanation.

We went several times to have a drink or a lunch into nice places all together, the ideal time to learn to know people who we didn't know very well.

But the most important thing during this youth exchange was to discover the other cultures and to find new friends from different countries. It was an extraordinary human experience.