the group of participants sit on the stairs in front of the Aquarium Museum while waving and smiling at the camera

At the end of this month, the final Learning, Teaching, Training Activity (LTTA) of the City Tours project took place in Liège, Belgium. During this event, participants from Germany, Belgium, Italy and Belgium took part in the activities that we organized. During the three days of activities, participants discovered Liège, its history, its folklore, its culture and its people.

In the first day, they went to the National Opera of Wallonia where they listened to opera music, learned about the history of the building, smelled different essences, creams and other scents used by the singers on the scene and they have touched the different costumes that singers use in the scenes. As soon as the tour was over, participants enjoyed their lunch and we continued the day with a folklore tour of Liège in which the guide gave information about the main attractions and point of interest in Liège (the Zoology Institute, statue of Tchantches, Anatomy Institute etc). After this tour was over, participants had free time to discover Liège by themselves and we have all met to eat the dinner together.

During the second day, the entire group was split in two smaller groups in order to discover the historical part of Liège (Saint Lambert Cathedral, the stairs of Liège, the city center) while enjoying Liège waffles and the second group went inside the Saint Paul Cathedral, where they learned about its history and discovered the different statues.

On the third day, participants went to Galler chocolate shop to taste and buy their favorite flavoured chocolate and after the lunch everybody participated in the evaluation of this LTTA.

We are glad that the event has been a success and that many participants met once again thanks to this project. We want to thank all the partners that made this project a big success.