Hello everyone, firstly I would like to briefly present myself: my name is Manon Vallot and I study pedagogy in Liège. Since January I’ve been doing an internship at VIEWS International in Liege.

My internship was to support the European Solidarity Corps volunteers hosted by VIEWS. Specifically, I was helping Roxana with her work at IRHOV school and Kuba with his activities at La Baraka. Except these, we had additional activities as well. Namely, we have been cooking together and visiting various places and events in Liege.

What I’ve found truly curious was observing how our volunteers are managing in daily living as a visually impaired persons. For work with our volunteers I found truly helpful the cooperation with other members of VIEWS as Carine, Tamara or Philippe. The advice which I’ve got from them helped me to improve the activities which we have been doing.

I’m really glad to have had Anca who was my supervisor and to every person with whom I was able to exchange knowledge and experiences. Unfortunately, my internship was shorter than usual because of COVID-19 pandemic. Generally, I found the time spent with VIEWS very productive and valuable to me and my future career.