Hello everyone,

first, let me wish you a happy year.

My Name is Adil Ahmet. I’m from Turkey and I am one of the new board members of Views International.

I started working as a volunteer in non-governmental organizations in 2011. I’m an English teacher and also a graduate student at the Educational Management master program.

After I was elected as the international affairs secretary at the Association of Visually Impaired in Education (EGED) who is a full member of Views International in Turkey, I started being active in Views.

Since 2019 until now, I had the opportunity to get to know Views better and wanted to take a more active role. I am very happy to take responsibility and contribute to Views development.

After briefly introducing myself, I would like to share information about the new composition of the board. As you know in September 2020, we conducted the annual General Assembly and then completed the voting processes for the board of administrators’ mandates.

During the January Board of administrators meeting, we determined the new roles of the members.

Giulia PAGONI, Anna Rita de Bonis and Florentin Radulescu renewed their mandates and maintained the same roles as, president, delegated administrator and treasurer with the support of the entire board.

Along with these positions, Marian Padure, Sylvie Doyen and I were named administrators.

At this point, it may be useful to remind readers some information about Views by-laws. At Views International, the members of the board of administrators are not voted for a list but elected individually. In the light of this information, we didn’t discuss the secretary position, as Loredana Dicsi has 1 year more for this role.

Finally, I would like to mention that the roles of the board members were determined this month, but we started working immediately after election to implement the issues we talked about during the annual general assembly.

I believe that we will improve things together.

Adil Ahmet Kavrama