Our projects aim at improving mobility and independence of persons with a visual impairment. The majority of our projects address people between 18 and 30 years old:

  • youth exchange is a camp around a theme where young people can connect to visual impaired youngsters from other countries.
  • If you want to do voluntary work in another country we make sure the necessary arrangements are made for your specific needs as a . Check out our European Voluntary Service ESC (European Solidarity Corps) projects.
  • Youth Initiatives are national or international projects implemented by young people aged 15-30, with or without a coach.

All other projects are open for everybody:

  • With a Feasibility visit, you can meet partners from all over Europe to prepare a common project or to improve your cooperation with them and/or with new partners.

  • job shadowing allows a youth worker to observe in a working environment in a concrete context useful methods that can be implemented in his own environment when he goes back.
  • Partnership Building Activity allowed to put together partners interested to work together.
  • An evaluation Meeting allows representatives of a project to assess whether their objectives were achieved and to come up with new good practices for future plans.