What are Youth Initiatives?

Youth Initiatives are projects entirely devised, planned and implemented by young people at a local, regional or national level.

The goal of these important non-formal learning experiences is to stimulate young people’s creativity, enterprise and initiative.

There are two types of initiative:

  • National Youth Initiatives: Projects which are developed by single groups in their own countries;
  • Transnational Youth Initiatives; where two or more groups from different European countries are involved.

The themes that groups choose to work on must be relevant to the young people themselves and to the local community. Possible topics include art and culture, social exclusion, homelessness and unemployment, youth sports and leisure, media and communications, etc.

Who can Participate?

Young people aged between 18-30 , but also those aged between 15-18 can take part if they are accompanied by a coach or youth worker.

From 2011 some of our members are helping their young people to implement such projects.