is a project realised by the local youth group of the “italian union of the blind and partially sighted” of Florence city.

the project was designed by 5 visually impaired and a total of 9 youngsters have participated in.

It took place from October 2012 to April 2013.

The aim was to produce 3 radio documentary in order to describe the world only with sounds, music and voices, without the images. The immagination was stimulated by what people hears!

Objectives: The group of young people wanted to inform the local community about the opportunities and the limits of blind people.

Young people wanted to discover and gain skills about the media communication and in particular the radio communication world.

Last, they wanted to increase the radioexperts knowledges about the visually impaired possibilities in order to evaluate together a new job opportunity for blind people in the field of the audiocommunication.

Non-formal methods were applied: debates in group, brainstorming and mainly learning by doing: creating the audiodoc script and scenarium, recording, audioediting, soundmix, exploiting of results.

The products will be published and promoted as much as possible in italian radio channels and websites, cause the main aim of this idea is to reach as much public as we can so that our project can be really frutfull.