This job shadowing project involved two organisations: VIEWS from Belgium and Sakura association from Romania. Sakura association sent two of its youth workers (Adrian and Radu) to acquire skills and knowledge through participative observation in a highly multicultural environment, in order to improve their competences and exchange good practice concerning adapted EVS, mobility and daily living skills for young visually impaired persons.

This project lasted 14 days (15-29/10/2012) and was held in the city of Liège, Belgium.

Learning involved the methods of non-formal education: working in small groups, participative observation, and debate on good practices. There were opportunities to meet up with professionals within non-formal education, different organisations, ex/current-EVS volunteers. There were also opportunities to visit specialist centres (La Lumière, l’ONA) who have special units for visually impaired young people and special school (IRHOV) working with young people with special needs.