Our association has participated to the Symposium Exploring the Senses . “SENS DESSUS-DESSOUS” which took place at Terrain Du Peri in Liege between 8th and 12th of April 2013.

During the Symposium, about 200 people, adults and children, from other organisations or families have built together about 17 cottages of wood, reusing materials left over from other old projects. It was a good ocasion to meet new people, to have fun, to play or to talk, to establish new frendship relations and to experience new interesting things. The hole week was dedicated to all 5 senses, each day for a sense.

Our volunteers have been involved both in the construction of a cottage and in the activities of animation and sensibilisation of the forth day, The Day of sight, putting in place sessions of eye shaded discovering things by smell taste touch or hearing, thus concentrating themselves on all the other senses, but sight.

We thank to all our volunteers who were willing to spare some of their freetime by taking part to this event:

  • Kaisu Hynninan
  • Casia
  • Vanessa Cascio
  • Arnaud Delannoy
  • Pascal Burquel
  • Mariem Esadik
  • Michael Simao
  • Angelique Kraus
  • Sophia
  • Magid

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