Views Belgium organized a youth exchange with the help of the « Youth In Action » program during the summer of 2013.

The topic was “the attractiveness”. The initiative of this project was the result of a collective disscussion occurred during a previous exchange. The aim was to explore the different faces of the attractiveness according the culture but also according the visual impairment. Aware that this topic is unusual and sensible, we wanted to divide the exchange in three harmonizing times:

  1. “Express yourself”: In this part, members were free to expose their point of view and feelings about attractiveness. They were also be allowed to express their expectations and fears about the topic.
  2. “Discover”: Time for fun activities to really consider the topic.
  3. “Conclude”: Time to put in common and discussing about lived experiences.

Many different cultural and sport activities were organized. These activities were adapted games, debates, tango lessons, stroll in tandem, visits and so on.

This exchange tended to be a participative event : Italian, Belgian and French groups had to propose ice-breaking games, a long game and had to present their country during one evening.

Our idea was to give the same opportunity to the SCI volunteers. This group is made of sighted people from many countries and which doesn’t know especially the difficulties related to visual disabilities.

We hope this event was an opportunity for each participant to learn more about cultural differences with, of course, a good rate of entertainment.