Hungarian ’Sports and Leisure Association for the Visually Impaired’ (LÁSS) arranged an international holiday for people with visual impairments from all around Europe. The 10 foreign participants arrived from 9 different nations (Belgium, Bulgarian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, and Spanish), and spent a week in the Northern part of Hungary (Tokaj region) with 17 Hungarian Vi folks and sighted friends. Although the week had been planned to be a rather sporty one, the extreme Summer heat (over 35 degrees Celsius all week long) slightly changed the schedule – as a result, most of the days were spent in swimming-pools or sitting in a nearby pond. The most special bathing programme was most probably the cave bath in Miskolctapolca, which is, a real bath formed by water, today fun for the visitors to swim around all over the year.

Participants were given some amounts of adrenaline during laps in summer bobs, running downhill without breaking. In order to relax after the adventure, certain quantities of special Tokaj wine were consumed by the tired campers in a tinny, family-owned cellar 

To have some muscle work, we hiked up to the Lillafüred waterfall which, due to the extra heat, disappeared to our greatest surprise and shock. Local people were really laughing at our surprise…

We had a lovely week with real summer weather, lots of laughter and a bunch of lovely people. Can’t wait to have the next one 